What Is a Moving Timeline, and Why Do You Need One?

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Between 2016 and 2022, Ireland’s population occupied almost 8% more homes.  This is a huge number of people moving into new homes. Then you add on top of that those who move between houses and flats that are already standing and the number is enormous.

Despite being such a common occurrence, moving can be a hard task, and you want to make it as easy as possible without complicating things later on. So, what is the best way to plan for a move without the whole thing becoming too stressful?

Below we go over one method, that of putting together a moving timeline. As you read through the article, try to see if you can match this to your plans and get ahead of the move date.

What Is a Moving Timeline?

This is a schedule of tasks that someone needs to complete before moving home. You should lay it out as actions per week for each period running up to a move. In essence, it is a well-organized moving checklist.

The Tasks you must put on the list include things like:

  • Scheduling a date to move
  • Hiring a moving company for that date
  • Packing your home
  • Switching off utilities
  • Switching on utilities at the new home
  • Planning for specific issues that might come up

Some of these things can occur on the same day, while it is best you do not work on others until closer to the move date. This will help you get everything done at the right time.

Why Do You Need a Moving Timeline?

Without a clear schedule, it is much too easy to lose track of what you have already done. You will not forget a specific task, leading to possible delays in your moving or even being without a home for a short time.

You might be the kind of person who needs to be in control of a situation. A timeline helps keep you grounded and in control while preventing you from doing too much at once. This reduces the chance of you making mistakes by not putting too much on your plate in one go.

Because a moving timeline is laid out in easily-digestible weeks, you will not be overwhelmed by the possibilities for when you plan to move. A moving plan can help you beat many of the stresses that come with the moving process.

By using a moving timeline, you might even save yourself money. You will not forget an aspect of the move you need to plan for, so you will not need to pay for last-minute changes or services.

The Perfect Moving Timeline

As you approach the date of your move, you should be able to get things sorted slowly. Do not wait until the last minute for them all.

The following is an example of a six-week moving timeline you could use as a blueprint for your plans. Remember it does not need to be exactly the same as this, though you should get everything done in the time available.

Six Weeks Away

At six weeks, there is still plenty of time to go. You need to start, though, so now is as good a time as any.

Nobody is putting anything in boxes at this stage. Instead, what you should do is plan for the next few weeks. There are three stages to this plan.

Research moving companies. Read reviews and pick the best moving company for your needs.

Get moving supplies. Buy all those boxes you are going to put your things in. Also remember you will need packing materials, pens to mark the boxes, and probably a lot of small plastic boxes to put smaller items in.

Plan to empty your home. Think about what is in the fridge and freezer, for example. It will be much easier to buy new things when you get to your new home rather than take your food with you.

Stop buying goods that will last more than a month, and make a meal plan to last you for the next six weeks. In that time, you should get through as much of what you already have as you can.

Apply this to other parts of your life too. Think about things you have, and consider what you could give away rather than take with you to reduce the amount you need to pack.

Five Weeks Away

Talk to the moving company. Plan with them what you need to take with you and ensure everybody is on the same page about the service you need.

Four Weeks Away

Pack everything. Put things you do not need away first, such as seasonal items or books you will not need in the next few weeks. Also, remember books are heavy en masse, so do not put them in one big box.

Remember to label the boxes too, so you know what is in each one.

If you do not have the space to take everything with you in one go, you can also look into storage services to hold onto things until you can pick them up.

At this point, you should make a list of the services and people who will need to know your new address. If you have children, this includes their school or childcare provider.

Three Weeks Away

Start to contact your utility companies to schedule a change of services. You might need to drop one service for another depending on where you are moving. 

If you have pets or children, at this point you should try to arrange for someone else to look after them during the move. It will make the whole process so much easier.

Two Weeks Away

Pack any clothes you want for the first week and keep them separate from everything else. This will allow you to settle in and have a “living box” for the first week while the rest of your things are still in boxes.

One Week Away

At this point, you should have everything ready aside from yourself and your old house. Prepare an overnight bag if you are moving more than one day away, and have things ready for the first morning in your new place.

You can also deep clean your home, but it might be easier to hire someone to do that for you instead.

Prep For Moving Home

This article should have given you a good idea of how to prepare and execute a moving timeline. Of course, moving home can be hectic, so we want to help reduce the stress in one of the most difficult times in your life. 

Our van operators are here to help get everything from point A to point B. We are fast, professional, and also now offer professional storage services to help with the move. If this sounds great, give us a call and chat with us about what we can offer you.

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