The Benefits of Using a Storage Unit Whilst Moving

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In recent years, Ireland’s been experiencing net immigration instead of emigration. In fact, between 2018 to 2019, almost 90,000 people moved to Ireland!

Whether you’re relocating within the country or are coming in from a different one, you might be in the midst of a huge change.

Figuring out the logistics of a move can be tough. But if you get a storage unit, this can be extremely helpful.

Wondering how a storage unit can help your upcoming move? Then read on to find out the benefits of renting a storage unit whilst moving.

You Have Somewhere to Store Items in Between Homes

Maybe your landlord wants you out by a certain date, but it doesn’t overlap with the lease at your new home. What are you to do with your belongings in that period of time?

You can certainly ask your family and friends if you can temporarily store your things at their homes, but this can be quite a hassle. Your items will be scattered between multiple houses.

Your friends and family may not always be home either, which means if you need something, you might have to wait a bit until you can access it.

Many storage units have 24/7 services. At the very least, they have generous business hours, which means you can go and retrieve items practically whenever you want.

You Can Clean and Stage Your Home Better

For those selling their homes, it’s important that you clean and stage your properties as best you can. This can dramatically increase the chances of not only selling the house, but also fetching a higher price.

If your home’s all cluttered, it can be difficult to clean it. Not to mention, it won’t be very attractive to buyers to have your items strewn about.

You’ll have to pack up your belongings at some point anyway, so why not start before your home even sells? A storage unit can enable you to box up everything but the necessities and store them away from your house.

Without all the clutter, it’s much easier to clean and stage a home. So it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

It’s Easier to Downsize

Maybe your children have grown up and are finally leaving the nest. Your household of 4 has suddenly shrunk to just half the size, and your family home feels much too big for the 2 of you.

You’ve decided to move into a small cottage and have enlisted the help of a professional to help clear out rubbish. However, you still have a bunch of usable furniture, clothing, toys, and more.

What are you supposed to do when your new home just won’t accommodate all these things? Use a storage unit, of course!

Here, you can put away everything you won’t immediately need at your new cottage. Once you get settled in, you can then sort through all the items in the storage unit.

From there, you can either select a few items to put in your cottage, donate things to family and friends who need them, give them to a charity shop, or sell them online. In any case, a storage unit will give you some extra space while downsizing.

It Can Help You Consolidate Homes

Are you finally moving in with your significant other? Or perhaps you’re moving into a home with your sibling or best friend to save some money.

Whatever the reason, you might be combining 2 homes into 1. And that process can definitely get messy.

By renting out a storage unit, you can sort out everything you have and put the duplicates away in there. This means you won’t have to clutter your new house with duplicate items and they’ll be out of sight.

Depending on how long you intend to stay at your current home, you can either then decide to sell off or donate those duplicates. Or you can keep them in storage until you go your separate ways again.

You Can Plan Your New Home Layout Better

When you move, you don’t want to just pile in the boxes and unpack everything immediately. Otherwise, it can become a mess quite quickly. This can make it more difficult to plan out how you want your new home to look.

Instead, you can start off with the essentials and put all the other boxes in a storage unit. Unpack all your necessities and place them in the best places available.

Then, you can slowly bring out more and more boxes. By unpacking these gradually, it’ll be much easier and less stressful to plan your new home layout. You might even find that there are some items you don’t need anymore!

You Can Furnish Your New Home Quicker

Not only can a storage unit make it easier for you to plan your new home layout, but it can also help you furnish it quicker.

Let’s say you already bought your house or signed a lease, but don’t get to move in just yet. If you already know the dimensions of each room, you can get started on purchasing furniture before you even move!

Simply store the furniture in the storage unit and as soon as you get the keys to your new place, you can furnish it immediately.

Take Advantage of a Storage Unit for Your Move

As you can see, there are numerous benefits you can get from renting a storage unit for your relocation. Not only does it give you extra storage space, but it also enables you to do other things more easily, such as stage your home for a sale.

So if you have an upcoming move, we highly recommend renting a storage unit. It’s true that it’ll cost you a little more money, but it’ll be well worth it when a load of stress is off your shoulders.

Are you ready to get started on your move? Then get in touch with us now. We’re a reliable man with a van service who offer other services like rubbish removals and furniture disposal.

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March 4, 2021

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