Packing Materials

We provide a wide variety of Packing Materials for all your Home Moving needs. Why not let us pack all your delicate items to the highest standard with are Irish made packing materials. If you prefer we can have your Bubble Wrapping and Moving Boxes delivered to you in advance of your move.

Bubble Wrapping

  • Manufactured locally in Ireland
  • Protect your items against shock and abrasion with bubble wrapping for long lasting protection
  • Available in small (10mm) or large (25mm) bubble format

Bubble  RollsPacking Materials

  • Manufactured locally in Ireland
  • Full width rolls of 1500mm
  • (2x750mm : 3x500mm : 4x375mm : 5x300mm :
    6 x 250mm)
  • Perforated rolls, giving the covenience of sheets on a roll
  • Lengths: Small 100 metres /
    Large 50 metres

Moving Boxes

  • Manufactured locally in Ireland
  • Please ask for the fully range of boxes