Need Furniture Removal in Dublin? Here’s How To Get It

Whether you’re cleaning out your house, making room for new furniture, or getting ready to move, sometimes you need to call in professionals to deal with the furniture removal. You can handle the process with yourself and a few friends, but what’s the likelihood that you know someone with a truck big enough to handle the load. And even if you do, do you know the best way to dispose of the old furniture. 

Worry no longer. You can hire a professional company to handle the removal of the furniture for you. They’ll help you every step of the process without you having to lift a finger. 

This guide will go over everything you need to know about furniture removal in Dublin so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you. 

Do I Even Need Furniture Removal Services?

There’s nothing more relaxing than hanging out at home in a clean environment. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why you’d need to hire Man With a Van for furniture removal. 

You Have Clutter and Dust

However, if your house is filled with old, dusty furniture, that can be stressful. Not only do you have to deal with allergens, but there may be a rodent problem as well. 

A qualified furniture removal company will help you dispose of your furniture. Additionally, they can also provide you with cleaning services so they can help you get your home clean and fresh. You’ll live in a better atmosphere that leaves you feeling happy and healthy. 

Your Furniture Isn’t Functional Anymore

While you may still love your couch or another outdated piece of furniture, it might be showing signs of wear and tear. The fabric could be ripped or the wood could be scratched. When you have outdated and worn-out furniture, your space is no longer functional for you and your family. 

A furniture removal company can quickly come in and dispose of every piece of furniture that’s no longer functioning properly. You’ll have a cleared-out space in a matter of hours. 

Once you have your space cleared out, you’ll be able to see all the possibilities within your home or office. You’ll get a fresh start. 

You’re Running Out of Space

You might have acquired some new pieces of furniture but have yet to dispose of your old ones. They could be gathering dust in your garage or taking up space in your main living areas. Hiring a company like Man With a Van in Dublin can help you free up your space so you can enjoy your new pieces. 

How to Find a Reputable Furniture Removal Company 

Now that you know you need to hire a furniture removal company, let’s talk about the different things you should keep in mind when selecting the best company. 

Research Potential Companies

Ask your friends and family for recommendations for companies they’ve worked with before. If you can’t get any solid tips, research companies online. You can also ask in neighbourhood groups on Facebook and other apps. 

Be sure to read reviews and customer testimonials. Keep in mind that companies will typically put the most positive reviews on their site. You’ll want to look at a third-party website to get accurate reviews. 

After you’ve compiled a list of potential companies, call them and inquire about their pricing. Some may offer flat rates for furniture removal while others may charge per piece. How much an item weighs may also play a part in the overall cost as well. 

Ask About Their Insurance

A reputable company will have insurance on all the services they offer. While the goal of a professional company is to not damage or break anything while they remove furniture, accidents do happen. The last thing you want to deal with is a damaged door or wall after a company came to remove some furniture. 

Ask for proof of insurance from potential companies. You want to guarantee there’s coverage if any accident or damage does happen. 

Successful Track Record

Just because a business is new doesn’t mean they don’t have the right expertise and skills needed for the job. However, look for companies that have been in business for at least a few years. 

As you read through the reviews, you should be able to tell if their team is usually on time and if they have fair rates. The reviews should consistently be good over a long period of time. A few recent glowing reviews after a litany of negative ones may be a red flag. 

Transparent Rates

While a furniture removal company can give you an accurate quote, you’ll want to ensure that there won’t be any unexpected fees. A furniture removal is fairly straightforward, especially since you’re not concerned about protecting the furniture as it moves to its next location. 

Make sure that the quote you receive includes any necessary disposal fees. Many recycling centres or the dump will require payment to dispose of items. You don’t want to incur additional fees after your items have been picked up when you thought you were free and clear.

Ecofriendly Disposal

A professional company will dispose of your furniture in a sustainable way. This can include taking your used items to a thrift store to donate or recycling them. 

Whatever way your stuff is disposed of, the company should have up-to-date information on how to do it. They should also be able to provide you with receipts if they donate the items so you can use the information on your upcoming taxes. 

Contact Man With a Van for Furniture Removal in Dublin

Whether you’re looking for help with furniture removal or need to find a moving company, you can find everything you need with Man With a Van. We provide our customers with fast and efficient services. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on other tasks. 

Contact us to book an appointment for furniture removal services. 

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