How to Get Proper Rubbish Collection When You Move

rubbish collection

When you’re moving out of a home, you’re juggling multiple things. You’re coordinating the moving company, packing boxes, and figuring out where everything will go in your new home. You’re also likely going through a lot of your belongings and deciding what to bring with you to your new house. 

The last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to get rid of old furniture and rubbish. One thing you can do to ease your stress is to hire a rubbish collection service. They’ll come to your home and dispose of everything you don’t want. 

This guide will go over everything you need to know about rubbish collection service and why you need to hire Man with a Van to help. 

What Does a Rubbish Collection Service Do?

The job of a rubbish collection service is simple. They show up at your home or office and remove your rubbish, furniture, or yard waste. Whatever you want to get rid of, they’ll handle it for you. 

They’ll get rid of your unwanted items and rubbish in an environmentally friendly way. They’re familiar with the ins and outs of disposal restrictions, so you can ensure everything gets disposed of properly. They’ll handle everything for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Some common items a rubbish removal company will take include:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Yard waste
  • Clothing
  • Personal belongings

These experts have the right techniques and equipment to dispose of your items in a quick and efficient manner. They’re highly trained in all things surrounding rubbish removal. 

Packing and Moving Services

A rubbish removal company also might be home and office movers. That makes your job even easier. You have found movers and rubbish removers all in one place. 

Moving house or office can be very stressful. If you have large items of furniture, it can be difficult to figure out what size of moving truck you need and how you’ll load the items on. With a moving service company, they’ll take care of that for you. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Rubbish Collection Service

In addition to taking on the work and hassle of disposing of your rubbish and furniture, a collection service can provide you with additional benefits. 

Rubbish Separation and Disposal 

A qualified rubbish disposal company will ensure all of your rubbish is segregated properly. They’ll then ensure that it’s disposed of in the correct way.

They’ll know what types of rubbish need to go to the landfills or what can be taken to the recycling centre. You can rest easy knowing that the disposal of your items will have a minimal environmental impact. 

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

It takes a lot of time to clean out, haul off, and dispose of your rubbish and furniture. Especially if there are only one or two people working on it, it can take weeks or months. When you’re trying to move out of a home or office, you don’t have that time to waste. 

The highly-trained staff of a rubbish removal company will expertly move out your rubbish in a fast time frame. With some companies, you can schedule next-day service. Your rubbish could be completely cleared out within 24 hours of you making the appointment. 

Many companies will only charge you for the amount of rubbish and furniture they remove. They’ll give you an accurate quote based upon the number of things you need to get rid of. 

If you had decided to rent a dumpster instead, you might’ve paid for more space than you actually needed. You’d end up wasting money while having to deal with disposing of the rubbish as well. 

Health and Hygiene 

Sometimes disposing of certain types of rubbish can be hazardous. In addition to dealing with various chemicals, you can also hurt your back, get cut or bruised, or even suffer from abrasions. If you try to lift an item that’s too heavy, you could drop it on your foot. 

A professional rubbish collection company will have the right tools and know-how to deal with each item accordingly. If it’s a hazardous chemical, they’ll know how to deal with it so neither themselves nor anyone else comes into contact with it. 

The Process of Hiring a Rubbish Collection Company

Hiring a company should be a straightforward and easy process. Their goal is to make your life as easy as possible, especially when you’re dealing with the stress of moving house. 

Step One: Make Contact

Reach out to a reputable rubbish removal company in the Dublin area. They’ll send out one of their staff members to your location to give you a quote. 

You can find qualified companies by searching “rubbish collection service near me” and reading reviews online. You can also ask friends or family members for recommendations. 

Step Two: Schedule a Pick-Up Time

You know the best time and date to have all of your rubbish cleared out. A professional company will make time in their schedule to accommodate your needs. They’ll also arrive on time to ensure all your items are removed when you expect them to be. 

Step Three: Rubbish Removal 

A rubbish removal team will work diligently to gather, remove, and then dispose of your unwanted items. They’ll handle everything from start to finish. 

Step Four: Efficient Waste Disposal 

The team will then dispose of all rubbish and waste in an ethical and sustainable manner. They’ll follow all local waste management regulations and dispose of items in the proper ways. 

When you’re moving, you don’t need to worry about getting rid of your rubbish and furniture. Days of agonizing work could be solved with one simple phone call to a rubbish collection company. 

Contact Man With a Van for a Free Quote

If you’re moving out of your house or office, don’t add “disposing of rubbish” to your endless to-do list. Contact a qualified rubbish collection service to do the job for you. 

Reach out to Man with a Van in Dublin for a free quote. 

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