What to Do While Movers Are Working (And Other Moving Day Success Tips)

what to do while movers are working

Hiring movers to help you pack and move on moving day is beneficial in several ways. Movers will speed up the packing and truck-loading process for you. They’re also professionals and will know how to load the truck and pack the boxes without causing damage to your items. 

While the movers are in your house packing everything up, do you have a few ideas of how you’ll use this time? If you’re not sure what to do while movers are working, there are a few things you can consider. 

When you know what to expect from a moving company and how to plan out the entire moving day, then you can help decrease the move time as well, which might even save you some money! For our guide on what you can do while professional movers are packing up your home, continue reading below.

Here’s everything you need to know. 

Give Them a Quick Tour

When the movers arrive, you can give them a quick tour of the house. You want to make this quick because the movers will be eager to start working, and you don’t want to waste too much of your own money paying them to see your old house.

Instead, bring them into each room and show them what all needs to be packed up. Because they’re professionals, they’ll know what to do, but showing them around can help them get an idea of where each room is located.

This will come in handy when the team of movers needs to communicate with one another about certain things throughout the process.

Keep Bathrooms Stocked and Available

If you didn’t already stock up your bathrooms, do so now. You can do this while the movers are working. Each bathroom should have enough toilet paper, soap, and paper towels to last the movers the entire day. 

Remember, some moves can take hours to complete, depending on how much stuff you’re moving. The movers will need to use the bathroom while on the job. To ensure everyone keeps good hygiene, it’s essential the bathrooms have all of the necessary supplies. 

Be sure to show the team of movers where each bathroom is located as well if you didn’t already do this during the tour. 

Remove All Items From Walls

If you haven’t already removed all items from the walls, now is a great time to do that as well. While the movers are working on packing up room by room, you can turn your focus on clearing all of the walls. 

Remove artwork, picture frames, and anything else that’s either on or plugged into the wall. Unplug all devices, and wrap the cords up with them. Place all items in their box with a label. 

Create a Playroom for Pets and Children

When a team of movers is going in and out of your house, it’s best to keep small children and pets away from the excitement. Movers will be carrying large and heavy items and might not always see the little ones. To prevent any accidents from happening, you can create a playroom for the pets and children.

Choose a room that doesn’t require the movers to enter. Set up a few fun activities for the children. You can also place you pets with their food and water and a few toys in the room as well. 

If desired, spend the day engaging in different art projects and such with your children inside the playroom as well. When you need some outdoors time, take your children and the pets and go for a walk or enjoy the backyard for a few.

Clear All Pathways

The team of movers will be travelling all throughout your house. It’s important that you clear all pathways for them. The last thing you want is people tripping in your house, especially while carrying your personal items.

Remove any clutter from the hallways, entryways, and other pathways the movers will use. 

Offer Some Refreshments for Everyone

If your move requires several hours or an entire day, then you could consider putting out a few refreshments. The movers will become thirsty and a bit hungry over time. 

A few healthy and energizing refreshments is a great way to keep the entire team moving at a good pace. Water bottles, sports drinks, and some healthy snacks will surely keep everyone working and in good health. 

You might even find that you and your family appreciate having the snacks out as well.

Be Available for Filling Out and Signing Paperwork

Although you may feel it best to avoid getting in the way and simply letting the movers do their jobs, you should stay around in case you’re needed. Professional movers do this for a living and won’t need you for much, but there are some circumstances where you might be needed.

There may come a time when the movers want to ask you about a specific item or any packing preferences. There will also be paperwork to fill out and sign. Make sure you’re around and close enough to answer questions and fill out any forms when needed. 

Know What to Do While Movers Are Working and Save Time

If you know what to do while movers are working, then you could save time and money on the move. Follow the helpful tips and advice listed in this guide above to ensure everyone has the best experience during moving day.

Are you ready to hire your team of movers? 

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August 25, 2020

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