Top Benefits of Office Relocation Services

office relocation services

When you announce an office move to your team, watch for reactions.

If people start looking at each other and slowly heading to the nearest exit, chances are they are worried about getting pulled into an unwelcome office move project.

Thankfully, you have a better alternative. Read on to learn about the benefits of using professional office relocation services for your next office move.

They Can Help You Plan Your Relocation

Office relocations are complex. Careful planning is needed before any work begins. You’ll need to think about the order of the move and how to minimise disruption for your staff. 

If you haven’t planned an office move before, knowing where to start and what to prioritise can be a challenge. Plus, some of the small but essential details can often trip you up. 

A professional team will understand all the complexities that can help your move go smoothly. They’ll be able to create realistic timescales so you aren’t caught with unexpected delays.

They can meticulously plan each step, like creating an inventory of items or checking the floor layout for the new office. 

They Can Reduce Business Interruptions

An organised and fast office move reduces the interruptions faced by your staff.

That’s important because downtime could come with a hefty cost for your business. For example, you might miss important client calls. Or you may have to suspend your customer service helpdesk temporarily.

Professional teams approach a move to lower interruptions. First, they’ll have a team big enough to move furniture so you aren’t waiting around unnecessarily.

They’ll also have a professional kit to deal with some trickier aspects, like heavy meeting tables.

The planning that goes into these moves will also speed things up, like working in parallel between the old office and the new.

Plus, having a dedicated team at work to prepare for the move-like packing-means your staff can continue to focus on their important day jobs. 

It’s Better for Safety

Asking your office team to help move tables and chairs might seem innocent and harmful. But what if something goes wrong and one of your staff suffers an injury? That could have all sorts of repercussions for your business.

In the hands of experts, your safety comes first.

A professional moving service will have the right tools and equipment to ensure the move doesn’t put your team at risk.

Plus, their knowledge of packing techniques and appropriate packing material means all your essential belongings, like computer equipment, will be safely stored away, minimising the risk of damage.

This approach helps you avoid damage or downtime during your move or having to make an insurance claim, adding to your premiums. 

It’s More Cost-Effective

Paying for a service might feel like an added expense. But consider the long-term cost of a move.

Think about the money you’d need to pay out as a business if something were to go wrong, like a delay or a breakage. Those costs start to rise. From that perspective, a professional service is more cost-effective in the long term.

You won’t pay for higher insurance premiums, damaged computers, or injured employees. Nor will you face losing existing or new customers because your office move experiences an unexpected delay.

Paying for moving services is an investment for your company and will give you peace of mind.

Access to Specialist Equipment

The right tools and equipment can make your move faster and safer and help protect your belongings. But few office-based businesses have these items on hand.

Renting them can be equally challenging if you don’t have experience in office moves. In contrast, a professional service offers this as standard. So, you have everything you need to get the job done correctly.

That might be specialist packaging for electronic items or special carts for moving heavy equipment.

Professional teams also have specialist vehicles to ensure your equipment and furniture stay safe during transit.

It means you don’t need to worry about researching, planning, or sourcing equipment. Nor do you have to spend time reading the instruction manual to learn how to use them correctly.

It’s the Stress-Free Choice

Your staff already have demands and priorities in their job. Some will have a lot of responsibility, too. You don’t want to add to that pressure by giving them the job of an office move.

It can be stressful for employees when it’s not their day job. They may worry about accidents or feel concerned about what could happen if they were to break something during the move.

You may also have staff with private health concerns and reservations about being asked to carry boxes and kits.

Hiring a professional team means you can take those worries away from your team.

It will boost morale and let your staff feel excited about the new office, instead of apprehensive about the move. It also means you don’t have to deal with the unwelcome parts of the job, like rubbish removal. 

Access to Storage Solutions

During any complex commercial move, there is often a need for interim storage. Storage can make it easier to transition from one place to the next.

You can store away furniture you don’t need before the final move day, which makes the actual move faster and more straightforward.

The advantage of working with a professional team like Van Man is that we provide affordable and secure storage services.

So we can offer that flexibility and convenience for your office move without you having to coordinate between different companies. It keeps things simple for you and your team. 

Office Relocation Services: Support During a Critical Time

There are some aspects of business when it’s easier to do things yourself rather than use a professional service. Relocation isn’t one of those things. Office relocation services have many benefits, saving you time and money. 

If you are ready to begin planning your office move, get in touch with Man with a Van Dublin for a free quote. We have a growing list of happy customers who have experienced our professional commercial movers service first-hand. 

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February 26, 2024

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