Moving Houses or Countries During a Pandemic: Here’s What You Need to Know

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The current global healthcare crisis associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives in an unprecedented manner. While we’ve been able to put our lives on hold or adapt to a situation that might have been impossible to imagine just a few months ago, some somethings cannot be put off forever. 

Even during the lockdown and social distancing, it is still a necessity for many to carry on with their pre-planned home moves. 

When it comes to buying and selling houses, you will ideally want to wait until some normality has resumed following the lockdown. This may not be an option, and your circumstances may dictate that you will need to move. 

With restrictions in place on what you can and cannot do, how do you go about moving during the pandemic? 

Here’s everything that you need to know about using a safe moving company to help you to move houses. 

What is the Current Position Regarding Moving Houses?

Currently, it is advised that you avoid moving houses if at all possible. However, for many people delaying a move is not an option. 

If you are unable to delay your move, then you can move. However, you need to do this safely and take social distancing measures to protect yourself and other people. 

If you need to move homes within Ireland, make use of a local removals company such as Vanman to carry out the work for you in a safe manner. 

Are Moving Services Still Available During COVID-19?

Because for many people, moving houses is essential, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still removal services in operation throughout Ireland. 

Vanman is still operating a removal service for those that need to move.

How Can a Safe Moving Company Help With Your Move?

When hiring your removal company, you’ll be informed about they have changed the way that they work to accommodate social distancing measures during the current crisis. 

Following all of the latest guidelines regarding social distancing, and ensuring that the appropriate safety measures are taken, your removal company will help you to move in a way that ensures that all of the risks of catching coronavirus are greatly reduced. 

This is for the safety of both you and your movers. 

Should You Use a Moving Company During COVID-19? 

Whenever you move home, you will always have the option of moving with the assistance of a removals company or moving on your own. 

While you still have this choice during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may not find it quite as easy to move without a removals company, as you will have done before. 

Often, self-moving is reliant on friends and family helping out. However, due to social distancing measures, it is not possible to get help from other people. 

Using a professional removals company will mean that you get the move carried out in the smoothest and most efficient manner. 

What Can Be Done Pre-Move to Ensure It All Goes Smoothly?

Ahead of your move, it may be necessary to carry out an assessment of what needs to be moved. To limit contact, we may need to carry out an assessment via video. Alternatively, it may be possible for you to provide inventory information in an online form ahead of the move. 

Start packing as early as you can. Avoid picking up recycled boxes to use in your move. If you already have boxes, these will be fine. Otherwise, you will need to buy new boxes.

Buy all of your packing supplies in one go so that you limit the amount of contact that you have with others. 

As you pack up all of your items, take the opportunity to clean them. Use disinfectant or bleach mixed with hot water. Make sure that you mark up any fragile items. 

Remember to consider the weight of the boxes. These need to be easy to lift. They need to also be packaged well enough that they won’t break when they are being carried. 

Aim to have all of your boxes packed at least 24-hours before the move is due to take place. Although the movers will be wearing gloves and masks, allowing the boxes to sit untouched will at least reduce the risk of the virus remaining on them. 

By pre-packing, you will not only be saving money on your moving costs, but you will also be helping make social distancing easier during the removals process. 

On the Day of Your Move

When it comes to your moving day, you must let your removals team know before they arrive if you or any of your family are showing symptoms of having coronavirus. 

Showing symptoms does not mean that you won’t be able to move. However, it is essential to be completely honest with your movers. 

By informing your removals team in advance, you will allow them the opportunity to put additional measures in place to protect themselves. 

What Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Mean for Those Moving Overseas? 

With restrictions in place in many other countries, moving overseas during the coronavirus pandemic is going to be a challenge. 

Many countries are currently only allowing essential travel. 

In addition to this, there will be limited options available in terms of flights, ferries, and trains. 

You should check on the government website of the country to which you are moving. You’ll need to be sure that you will be allowed to enter the country before making any arrangements. 

Book Your Removal Company Now

If you need to move houses during the current COVID-19 healthcare crisis, you will need to make sure that you book a safe moving company to help. 

At Vanman, we’ll ensure that all of the work is carried out using social distancing, and with adequate cleaning and PPE measures taken to keep you and our team safe. 

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you to move during this challenging time. 

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May 13, 2020

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