5 Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Unit

best storage unit

It’s estimated that Ireland is home to 100,000 hoarders. Now, most of us aren’t piling up newspapers in the bath. Still, you might find you’ve outgrown the storage that your home or business premises currently provide.

Using a storage unit can be a great solution. They allow you to keep things you need, but just don’t have room for. How can you find the best storage unit for your budget and your needs?

Let’s take a look at 5 tips on how to choose a storage unit. 

1. Understand the Types of Storage Units

There are a few different types of storage unit options. The two most common are known as self-storage and full-service storage. The best storage unit for you will depend on your preference and budget. 

Self-Storage Units

Renting a self-storage unit is a bit like renting a garage but in a secure facility. Your pay for the storage unit and you can access it whenever you want. You get 24/7 security and peace of mind knowing it’s being safely guarded.

After that, it’s up to you to bring your items to your unit and arrange them how you see fit. You then come and put items in and take them away whenever you need them. You need to keep track of where everything is because no one else will have access to the unit.

Full-Service Storage Units

Full-service storage units take customer service to another level. They don’t just provide you with a place to store your belongings. They will collect them from your home or business and put them away in your storage unit for you.

When you want a particular item, just give them a ring. They will bring it to your home or business.

If you’d like this kind of service, look for a storage company that is also a removals company. If they provide both services, they are far more likely to provide full-service storage units. 

2. Choose the Correct Size of Storage Unit

Nobody likes paying for something they don’t use. The same is true when shopping for a storage unit. You only want to rent the space that you actually need.

It’s estimated that to store all the belongings in a one-bedroom house, you’d need a storage unit of around 50 square feet. Then for every extra bedroom, add another 30 square feet. 

But maybe you just have some extra gear you need to stash away for most of the year. Maybe you love to go skiing in winter, but don’t want your skiing kit hanging around the house all year round. 

Talk to the storage company and ask for their advice. They have the experience to estimate the amount of space you’ll need to safely accommodate your belongings.

If in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Get a slightly bigger one. Then you’ll rest assured that you won’t have to ram your things in and end up with some of them breaking. 

3. Check Out Online Reviews

Not all storage companies provide the same level of customer service or security. You want to have the peace of mind that your goods are being carefully stored and find a company that is easy to deal with.

This is where online reviews are worth their weight in gold. You can hear unvarnished opinions of real customers.

Yes, it’s true that online reviews can attract customers at both ends of the spectrum. But more and more people are leaving reviews nowadays. You’ll probably be able to get a good feel for the level of service the company provides.

A quick search for ‘storage unit near me’ will help you find local storage companies and what customers think about them!  

4. Thoroughly Review the Contract

When thinking about how to choose a storage unit, don’t forget to examine their contracts.

Firstly, this will set out the fee structure. Make sure there are no hidden extras that you weren’t aware of. If they are a full-service facility, make sure you fully understand how to access your stuff, and how much it’s going to cost you.

Are there any restrictions on when you can get access to your belongings? For example, can you access them on Sundays?

If you’re looking for long-term storage, see if you can get a discount for taking out a longer contract. 

Finally, make sure that the unit is really suitable for the items you want to store. Do you really need a climate-controlled unit? Is the level of insurance the company provides really enough for the items you want to store?

It’s much better to check the small print first than have a headache if something goes wrong. 

5. Get It at the Right Time

Are you wondering when to rent a storage unit? There are a few times in life when a storage unit is absolutely invaluable.

If you’re moving house or moving to a new area, a storage unit can be a big asset. Using a storage unit means that you don’t have to make hasty decisions about the furniture and other personal items that you need.

It gives you chance to move to your new place and take what you need. Otherwise, you might find that you sell or give away things that you really need in your new home.

If you’re trying to sell your house, decluttering and moving belongings into a storage unit could be a good move. 

People find it easier to imagine themselves living in the house if it isn’t full of your personal belongings. The house may sell more quickly, and as a bonus, you’ll find it easier to move with less stuff! 

Find the Best Storage Unit for You at VanMan.ie

The best storage unit for you is one that’s the right size, the right price and in the right location. If you get an affordable storage unit, it can allow you to enjoy your home without having to part from things you need. It can also make moving house or relocating much simpler.

At VanMan.ie, we provide secure and affordable storage options for people in the Dublin area. If you’ve outgrown the storage capacity of your home or business, don’t struggle on alone. Store those important items securely with us in one of our safe but cost-effective storage units.

Contact us to get a free quote for a storage unit today!

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